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La Cite Cafe Florence

Amidst the flurry of tourists and crowded streets in the heart of Florence, it can be surprisingly hard to find a chill place where you can just sit down and get some work done, without being distracted by the hectic hustle and bustle of the city. Personally, I cannot say that there is an abundance of modern hipster cafes in Florence, which is surprising being such an artsy city. I really had to do my research in order to find these cozy spaces, which have now become my creative oasis whenever I happen to be in this beautiful city. 

Listed in no particular order, you will find my Top 5 Cafes in Florence for reading, studying or getting some creative work done while enjoying copious amount of Italian coffee. Along with the photos, I will also mention whether or not they serve food, the prices for drinks/food, their opening hours, where you can find them and the overall atmosphere of the place. 

1. La Cité - Libreria Café

This very hipster library/bookstore/cafe has such a cool vibe with its comfy vintage-style couches and wooden furnishings - I get so excited when I find places like these! The cafe is surprisingly spacious, enough to accommodate two upstairs areas and two downstairs. This is one of the best places to get some creative work done and the atmosphere is generally calm and quiet, Wifi is excellent here and you’ll find a power socket and/or USB jack at almost every table - so thoughtful! <3 

Prices are a little higher than usual:
- Coffee: 1.50-2.50 Euros (depending on what kind of coffee)
- Cold soft drinks: 3 Euros
- Brownies/Baked Goods: 2-3 Euros

Address: Borgo S. Frediano, 20, 50124 Firenze FI, Italy
Website: La Cité - Libreria Café

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2. La Ménagère - Cafe & Restaurant

Hands down my absolute favourite cafe in all of Florence! This place has the most amazing decor - from the abundant floral arrangements to the many unique lights hanging down from the ceilings, and even a grand piano sitting elegantly in the corner. Everything has been done immaculately to achieve a very spacious, floral and artistic flair. The tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the lighting ambience is warmly dimmed and the menu looks like a piece out of an old newspaper. 

There are plenty of seats and tables outside too - bonus if you can find one with electrical sockets nearby. Inside, there are many more tables, couches and coffee tables - it looks like a very fancy living room of a modern day palace. The cafe side is separated from the restaurant side, although the boundaries are somewhat blurred. I have not tried the restaurant section yet, but they get very good reviews and the food is supposedly excellent. 

The prices are a little higher but still very very reasonable for such an amazing place right in the heart of Florence - such a gem! Expect to pay roughly: 
- 2 Euros for (an excellent) Cappuccino
- 2.50 Euros for Cafe Latte
- 1.20 Euros for the croissants/danishes
- 6 Euros for the bagels 

They also have a more extensive Bistro Menu where they serve pancakes, muesli, omelettes and sandwiches. You will also find a cabinet full of sweet pastries and sandwiches as you walk in :)

While most come here to socialise, it’s also common to see students and digital nomads out with their laptops and books. Creative work space 12/10! Coffee also 12/10!

Address: Via de' Ginori, 8, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Website: La Ménagère

3. Le Murate Caffè Letterario

A former prison, now turned into this awesome student hub with amazing lunch and dinner deals. Coffee is super cheap too and very good. There are plenty of seats and tables available, it’s very spacious both inside and outside. You see many students studying here during the day, it’s normally not too busy and has a nice atmosphere.   

During the day it’s rather chill and they do a really great lunch deal for 7-8 Euros for a full course meal (primi + secondi + side + water + bread). In the evenings, they start serving the buffet dinner from 6:30pm onwards. They even have live music playing on certain evenings and it’s just such a cool local spot. Amazing prices for great Italian cuisine! Highly Recommended!

- Cafe Latte: 1.50 Euros
- Lunch: 7 Euros (students), 8 Euros (everyone else)
(primi + secondi + side + water + bread)
- Dinner: 7 Euros (students), 8 Euros (everyone else)
(buffet style + alcoholic drink included)

Address: Piazza delle Murate, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy
Website: Le Murate

4. Sit’N’Breakfast - Co-working Space

Very interesting concept of a Co-Working Space, where many students and digital nomads hang out. It’s a co-working space where you can essentially ‘rent out’ different areas (the attic, the bungalow, the garden) for a few hours solely for yourself or your group. If you are seeking a quiet, cozy place to get some work done - this is the perfect all inclusive work cafe!

The way they go about their pricing is brilliant - you essentially pay:
- Per hour: 4 Euros/hr
- Per day: 12 Euros/day

However: internet, printer, scanner & drinks (coffee, tea, juices) are ALL INCLUDED in the prices!!

Address: Via S. Gallo, 21/R, 50129 Firenze FI, Italy
Website: Sit’N’Breakfast

5. Todo Modo - Book Store

At first glance, it just looks like a book store. But if you go to the back right, you’ll find a cute little study space with a mini cafe. Many local students come here to study and I love the very home-like, cozy atmosphere. However, it’s very quiet so not a place for group work or to catch up with friends.

Coffee prices are between 1-2 Euros.

Address: Via dei Fossi, 15/R, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Website: Libreria Teatro Bar Todo Modo

Do you know of some other cool, cozy cafes in Florence? Please feel free to drop your recommendations in the comments below!  

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