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Creating elegant websites to empower artists & local businesses

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The Short Version


  • elegant & easy-to-navigate websites using Squarespace as the hosting platform.

  • SEO optimisation and integration with multiple social media platforms.

  • e-Commerce integration for small online stores selling digital or physical products *

  • integrated booking, inventory and/or payment system *

  • set up e-mail campaigns and subscribers to newsletters *

(* - if applicable to your website needs)

If you would like to take learning into your own hands, I can teach you how to use the platform so you can make small modifications or add photos to the gallery yourself, saving you time and money in the long run - because hiring web developers and coders are expensive. It’s quite empowering to learn how you can do some of the basic modifications yourself :)


  • Small Local Businesses: showcase your products or services with ability to integrate a booking system

  • Online Stores - Digital/Products: fully integrated e-commerce platform with inventory and payment system

  • Cafes & Restaurants: with elegant menu layout, ability to integrate booking/reservation add-on system

  • Artists looking to showcase their Portfolio: photographers, designers, musicians, physical artworks, podcasts

  • Personal/Travel Blogs: elegant SEO optimised blog design with social media integration

  • Real Estate & Properties: showcase your batch or Airbnb listing with ability for guests to book directly

  • Professional Services: contractor, self-employed, or freelancer looking to offer skills and services

  • Events & Weddings: keep guests up to date via email integration, RSVP forms, calendar of events, ticket purchase

  • Community & Non-Profits: email integration to send important information, organise events, tickets, donations.

  • Magazines and Books: showcase your latest editions or works online for purchase as e-books or physical copies


A beautiful website shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg. Nor should it cost you time you don’t have and endless frustrations. I truly believe in the power of having your own website, as it gives you a newfound sense of creative and financial freedom to be able to sell your products or services online.

My Rates:
Simple websites - start at $500 NZD
More complex websites or e-commerce integration - start around $1000 NZD
Tutorial - teaching you how to manage the website and make changes - please enquire*
The final cost of my services really depends on how ‘customised’ or ‘complex’ you would like your website to be.

Price Excludes:
- Annual Domain and Hosting subscriptions
- Additional Plans, Upgrades, Marketing costs

Possible Add-ons include:
- Fully integrated e-commerce with inventory management
- Email marketing campaigns
- Booking/reservation integration
These incur in extra subscription fees and should be considered extra ongoing costs.

You can view the different Pricing Structures here:
Personal vs Business vs Commerce Plans
Email Marketing Campaigns
Booking Integration

Interested in creating a website with me?

Awesome! I would love to hear from you and what ideas you may already have. Please do fill out the form below and tell me a little about your products, services or business. It helps me come up with a more accurate quote and timeframe :)

Next step: I will contact you asap and we can schedule a meeting to discuss how we can make your website come to life! :)


Name *
Please select what type of website you want to create
Describe what kind of website or business you are creating for. Please include your time frame and budget if you have one too :)

Website Design Portfolio

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Trudeau Construction

General Contractor & Home Builders
Located in Ashland, Wisconsin - USA


About this Website

Personalised website showcasing the construction and building services offered with images of previous projects.

Category: Professional Services & Local Business

Screenshot 2019-10-08 at 17.51.17.png


Handmade Stained Glass Artworks
Located in Ashland, Wisconsin - USA


About this Website

Portfolio website showcasing the types of glass work available for sale and/or collaboration.

Category: Artist Portfolio & Local Business


The Long VERSIon

- with extra inspiration -


Your website embodies the identity of your business or event. Whether you are a creative, self-employed, business owner, running a community project or organising events - having an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate website makes a huge difference to your business, as it influences how people perceive your work & services.

For creatives, a website portfolio is the modern CV and one of the best way to showcase your work because you can reach a much wider audience, thus increasing your exposure to potential clients who might be interested in working with you. For businesses, having an SEO optimised website helps derive more traffic to your site, which helps increase your sales and revenue.

On the more technical side, you can track and view your analytics to see which pages perform better, how many people your website is reaching and what the demographics are so you can better modify your approach to your target audience. There are many integration possibilities that help streamline your business/event processes that help saves you time, while improving your business. Some of these include: email campaigns, booking systems, online payment and inventory management systems.


Examples of what your e-commerce website could look like:

photos using Squarespace


The Difference - My Services vs Traditional Web Developers

Website developers will normally charge you twice or triple the amount above (eg. roughly $1500 for a simple website) because they actually code everything from scratch. Therefore, any modifications or tweaks will require the work of an experienced web developer or coder, which only they can do. It’s arguable whether the long term costs of hiring web developers/coders would be cheaper or more expensive than paying for an ongoing Squarespace Subscription, however, the benefit of a Squarespace Platform is that you have more control and it’s much more intuitive, allowing you the ability to make any minor tweaks yourself at anytime. Plus, you have full control over your domain, billing, and analytics - this means you don’t have to pay someone else to manage this on your behalf. While I am also happy to manage your domain and subscriptions, my services fall more into the Web Design category.

Website Design focuses more on content and the overall look and feel of your website, rather than fickle endlessly with complex coding (which is what Web Developers/Coders do). Since Squarespace has taken most of the complex coding out, this means more time can be spent on the design and content side of your website. It also decreases the amount of time that would have been spent on complex coding, thus decreasing the overall price you have to pay for my services. However, the cost of that is their ongoing platform subscription. But if the benefits of having your own website outweighs the monthly or yearly subscription, then it’s definitely worth giving it a try and you can always stop your subscriptions at any time.


Example of what your Cafe or Restaurant website could look like:

photos using Squarespace


Pros and Cons

Pros of hiring Web Developers
- less expensive ongoing costs
- more flexibility & customisation if experienced in coding

Cons of hiring Web Developers
- requires huge upfront costs (upwards of thousands)
- ongoing third party integration/subscription costs
- ongoing costs for developers to make modifications
- you can’t make changes yourself as it requires coding
- still pay yearly subscription for domain & hosting
- you have less control over the website and many aspects
- it’s a lot of money if you decide you don’t like it in the end
- no central platform to manage bills, domain, analytics, etc.

Pros of my Service + Squarespace
- less expensive upfront costs
- can stop subscription anytime without a huge loss
- easy to modify the look and feel of your website
- you have more control over your own website
- you can easily learn how to make changes yourself
- easier and quicker to get your website up and going
- 14 day free trial on Squarespace plan
- manage domain, analytics, billing all from one place

Cons of my service + Squarespace
- requires ongoing subscription costs to Squarespace
- ongoing third party integration/subscription costs

Overlap: No matter which you choose, you will still have to pay annual fees for your domain (www.yourcompanyname.com) + Hosting Platform (Wordpress, Squarespace, other). Any third party integration will incur in extra costs anyway. In the long run, I feel like the costs balance out somewhat, especially if you factor in the time-money aspect. Perhaps the ultimate deciding factor is how much control and self-management you want over your own website.


Example of what your blog or podcast website could look like:

photos using Squarespace


Why you get more than just a website:

My services work a little differently in the sense that you get an opportunity to learn about the process too. Although I am more than happy to continue managing and modifying your website as you require, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and teaching you how you can make simple modifications yourself like adding new galleries or blog posts, integrating social media channels, and updating your contact information or tweaking the fonts. It makes the whole process much less scarier and less financially daunting than the idea of continuously hiring a web developers and not having full control over your website.

I am all about empowering artists, creatives and local businesses.

Once the website is up and going, you have the option of sitting down with me as I run you through the basics of the platform and how you can make minor modifications or add pages yourself. If you would like to oversee the entire project because you’d like to learn how it’s all done or be there every step of the way, then this is also an option. As this will require more time, I will charge extra depending on the situation. But consider it an investment and think of the money you will save in the future because you can make these modifications yourself :)

If you’re interested in learning more, simply let me know in the enquiry form below and we can discuss a package deal :)


Example of what your website portfolio could look like:

photos using Squarespace


Interested or still have questions?

Simply fill out the form below with your questions or particular area of interest and I will get back to you as soon as possible :)


Name *
Please select what type of website you want to create
Describe what kind of website or business you are creating for. Please include your time frame and budget if you have one too :)


Some more inspiration… this is what your landing page or property website could look like:

photos using Squarespace


Disclaimer: Apart from those captioned “photos using Squarespace”, the website photos featured on this page (under website portfolio), are my own work. Additionally, since I will be using Squarespace as the host platform, there are limitations to the extent of customisation and CSS coding. Therefore, if you are after a very complex e-commerce website with very specific customisations, then you will need a professional coding expert.