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Golden Hour : Tunnel Beach & Mt Cargill


This workshop will be held over two days: a Friday afternoon for sunset at Tunnel Beach & early Saturday morning for sunrise up at Mt Cargill.

Sunset Session: Friday 12th July (3pm-7pm)
Sunrise Session: Saturday 13th July (7am-12pm)
Meet Point: Opposite Uni Flats Office (Address: 361 Leith Street Central)
Number of Spots: 8 People
Cost: $60 NZD

Sign Up: Using the submission form below :)


What this includes:

  • Transport to and from location

  • Private Sauna Session - 1hr at the OUSA

  • Two Hour - Post Processing Workshop

  • Trial version of Photo Editing Software

What is NOT included:

  • Camera gear, lenses, tripod, accessories

  • Ongoing Photo Editing Software Subscription

  • Food, Snacks and Drinks

About this Workshop:

This will be a very hands-on and collaborative workshop for those wanting to discover the full potential of their camera and acquire practical skills, which will give you so much more creative freedom while you explore and frolic away your exchange semester in NZ. You will get to experience the beautiful nature Dunedin has to offer and test out your new skills during the golden hours.

Why Golden Hour?

The Golden Hours of sunrise and sunset provide for the best lighting and soft array of colours. In contrast, the worst time of day to shoot is during midday, when the position of the sun casts the harshest lighting and often causes photos to be over exposed.

Outline of the Workshop:

Our sunset location will be Tunnel Beach on the Friday afternoon - this place is absolutely stunning during sunset and we will venture down to the beach below if the tide is low enough. You should have the opportunity to photograph crashing waves, rugged coastal cliffs, and the hole in the rock. Afterwards, we will go for a nice, relaxing sauna session at the OUSA.

Our sunrise location will be Mt Cargill on the Saturday Morning - this is one of the highest points in Dunedin and the panoramic view from the summit is simply spectacular. We will be the first to see the sunrise casting its light across the peninsula and the landscape of the hilly terrain is so unique. Afterwards, we will have a 1-2hrs Editing Workshop, before splitting off… and potentially meeting up again for the International Food Festival if you’re keen! :)

Who is this Workshop For?

Beginners-Intermediate Photographers. If you would like to learn how to shoot in manual mode and how to post process your photos - this workshop is for you! As a small group of 8 people, there will be lots of opportunities to ask questions and work closely with each other and myself.

You can view some of my work here: Photography Portfolio

What You Will Learn:

  • Lighting and Composition

  • Location Scouting: What to look for?

  • Manual Mode Settings: ISO, AV/Aperture, TV/Shutter Speed

  • White Balance, Focus Modes, Drive Modes

  • RAW files vs JPEG files

  • Portrait Photography Tips and Best Camera Settings

  • Best Lenses for different types of photography

  • Post Processing: Different Editing Softwares (free vs paid)

  • How to efficiently manage your workflow and photos

  • Tonal Curves, HSL, Tonal Balance and Colour Grading

  • Luminance, Radial, Gradient, Colour and Brush Masks

  • How to create your own presets

What to Bring:

  • Camera (any model is fine, there are no requirements.

  • Tripod if you have one (don’t worry if you don’t)

  • Walking shoes

  • Beanie and Gloves (definitely!!)

  • Warm Clothes

  • Togs and Towel (Togs = kiwi term for swim suit/bathing suit)

  • Water Bottle

  • Happy Faces!

How to Sign Up?

Please sign up using the form below - one form per person :)

Due to the limited spaces, it may be that not everyone gets to join this trip - but I will let you know if I run future tours and those who missed out will get priority in the next workshop!

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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