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Welcome to my photography and travel blog. This is a space where I share my travel stories, thoughts and photographs of beautiful places around the world. Enjoy reading!

Em xx



I am a lone wolf,
who ran away from her pack,
and left the safe shores
of societal norms.

Who refuses to find herself caught
in the sticky entangled webs
of conventional relationships
and a comfortable life.

At the slightest sign of commitment
she will bolt like lightening,
dashing away from those painful
unscripted snares and nooses.

For her life,
for her freedom,
for the excitement
of the unknown.

New landscapes discovered
and new souls encountered,
but she is wary and careful
not to let everyone too close.

Sometimes keeping her distance,
finding solace in her own company,
but all the while she is craving
to love and to be loved.

I left to try find,
the reasons for my silent pleads
whispering at me constantly
to leave, pack your things and go.

Forever on the run,
but to where? - she wonders.
“To places that make me feel alive,
to seek company that amplifies my soul.”

Forever running away,
but from what? - she wonders.
”From fear of commitment
and love I feel I don’t quite deserve.”

Fleeting encounters which never fully root.
Familiar strangers who remain exactly that.
Scurrying through my youthful years,
feeling more lost than ever.

Fated to be forever alone? - she wonders,
and entertains the idea that
perhaps it’s not so bad after all.
“I’d hurt less people.”

Too volatile in her ways,
too wild to be tamed.
I am a lone wolf,
try tame me if you dare.